“I participated in Jacomien’s Online Sociometry workshop at the FEPTO conference and I was impressed by her elegant way of doing sociometry, i.e. measuring the relationships between group members. With the help of graphic illustration of the sociometric choices between the participants, she made the very essence of sociometry visible.  She could highlight the dynamic effects of, what the choices made on the group as a whole.

I can recommend her training for all psycho-and sociodramatists to study the inner life of a group.

Jacomien creates a trustful atmosphere, where people can be open to explore the invisible structures in a group. She is an excellent teacher.”

Judith Teszáry

Director of Psychodrama & Sociodrama
Founding member and former chair of FEPTO

“A very good course to learn Sociometry by self-experience.

Jacomien Ilbrink is a very competent teacher who provides security during the sociometric process.”

Ute Prahl
Psychologische Psychotherapeutin
Supervisorin / Coach (DGSv)

Jacomien Ilbrink ist eine hoch kompetente Begleiterin, die mich gleichermaßen in Ihrer Gestaltung, Souveränität, unaufdringlichen Präsenz und Klarheit beeindruckt hat.”

Mathias Grün
Berater und Coach

“Jacomiens´Art und Weise soziometrisch zu arbeiten ist bahnbrechend und ihre Kurse unbedingt empfehlenswert!

Claudia Bracht
Mitgesellschafterin im Moreno Institut für Psychodrama, Soziometrie, Gruppentherapie GmbH, Edenkoben/Überlingen

“I really enjoyed being part of the group to learn about group processes. It was very helpful to get theoretical input about sociometry and to experience it at the same time in our own group.

I was impressed by the way Jacomien led the group. She gave us possibilities to get to know each other in an intense way. She trusted the power of the group to connect and to integrate everyone and it worked: We felt safe to show ourselves and to connect. It was good to feel that you are welcome with your individual strengthes and imperfections.

Now I have new ideas how to support groups and every single group member to find their own way of growing together.”

Marc Semmler

“The course gave me a much better understanding of sociometry. This is very helpful for me in my therapeutic groups. Jacomien created a very comfortable and safe atmosphere in this online group.

“Jacomien is a very profound pracitioner and teacher of Soziometry. I really much enjoyed working with her.